Eiffage Polska Budownictwo the general contractor of Ovo Wrocław


The investor of OVO Wrocław has chosen as general contractor Eiffage Polska Budownictwo. Hence the most expected development in Wrocław has just started.
Ovo will be an amazing building with a five-star hotel, luxurious apartments, offices and service premises which will be commissioned in 2016.
OVO elewacja
This futuristic project of exclusive apartments and hotel is an investment of Wings Properties Sp. z o.o., a member of Start Group Poland. The venture accomplished such constructions as The Granary Hotel in Wrocław and Angel City apartments in Cracow. Currently Eiffage and Wings Properties cooperate at the Angel Wawel construction site in Cracow.
– It is a pleasure once more to cooperate with such a well-known partner who implements advanced technical solutions. Our common experience makes us certain that OVO Wrocław will be in good hands and the project will be realized with precision – says Ron Ben Shahar, investor of OVO Wrocław.
– We acquired necessary funds and chose a general contractor who guarantees high quality of construction works. The investment takes its wings. The end of construction is planned for the first quarter of 2016 – says Shuckie Ovadiah, project manager of OVO Wrocław – This building is going to be one of the symbols of modern and cosmopolitan Wrocław.
The companies already signed the contract which means that the development will be launched in April and will last two years.
– It is a pleasure for us that we have been trusted once more. The development of OVO Wrocław will be one of our most prestigious projects. We hope that this is the beginning of a long-term cooperation with a well-known investor and we will have more possibilities to work on demanding constructions – explains Marek Kowalik, Director of the South Region in Eiffage Polska Budownictwo.
Ovo differs from every other building one can see in Poland. It is developed according to Gottesman–Szmelcman Architecture visionary design.
The design combines different functions to form a multi-functional building. OVO’s cube is exceptional as it integrates many structures and different surfaces on several storeys. Hence the building has a characteristic streamlined shape which resembles a drop of water. The building represents the so called blobitecture architectural style. Its main features are streamlined and soft forms.
– I love Wrocław because it is a place opened to new trends and ideas. That is why when designing Ovo we tried to offer the city something extraordinary and at the same something consistent with the architectural concept of Wrocław – says Asaf Gottesman, the architect of OVO Wrocław. – I am fully engaged in this project. I treat it very personal.
Corian is the building secret of OVO’s shape. The material has been patented by DuPont, a company which specializes in creating resistant building materials. It is known for the invention of Teflon and Kevlar. Corian is:

  • ecological
  • very resistant
  • can be used to form different shapes
  • it is not possible to see linkages on its surface

Ovo Wrocław is Gottesman–Szmelcman Architecture first project in which the company decided to use corian to finish the facade.
The project was awarded in 2008 in Cannes by Architectural Review. It received the MIPIM Future Projects Award in the category commercial and recreational facilities.
OVO Wrocław will contain a five-star hotel DoubleTree by Hilton. The hotel’s services will be open both to clients and residents. Services at their disposal:

  • room service,
  • concierge,
  • Wellness & Spa zone
  • discount for hotel services

All these facilities and proposals will be available to office employees at OVO Wrocław too. The development will have two open entrances for all clients. Restaurants, cafes, a multifunctional patio and fitness club with a swimming pool will be available to all inhabitants of Wrocław.
– We wanted to create a project which will promote a new attitude to urban space. Usually office facilities are unfriendly and closed. Our idea was to develop an office building with an open public inner court – says Asaf Gottesman, the architect. – This building will be a true part of the city, a place of social and cultural interactions.
OVO in numbers
169 – number of apartments which includes 26 penthouses. All will have a terrace (the largest of 250 m sq. m) and panoramic (from floor to the ceiling) windows.
2,85 – 3 m – height of the apartments
28 – number of office rooms
9 – number of storeys
6 – number of levels above the ground
25 m – the height of the whole building
48 627 sq. m. – total surface area in OVO
4 600 sq. m – commerce and retails surface area
7150 sq. m – amount of corian used to cover the façade
189 – number of hotel rooms in DoubleTree
380 – maximum number of hotel guests
300-500 – so many client can use all services in the hotel at once: ball room, restaurant, conference hall
370 – number of DoubleTree hotels in the world
PLN 260 m net – total value of OVO Wrocław development
700 – so many workers will be working at OVO construction site
OVO Wrocław investor is Wings Properties which is a part of Star Group Poland one of the largest development groups in Poland.