Digital transition


Eiffage is continuously supporting an innovative approach to construction by supporting the development of modern technologies and using them to improve the standards of services it provides.

All tools and systems are to improve workflows, increase productivity and ensure high quality of the project.


Eiffage is committed to the common use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodologies in all projects implemented until 2020.

Designing information about buildings in BIM is not just a digital mockup of a 3D project. This is, above all, a completely new approach to designing, building and managing projects that increase reliability, shorten lead times and control costs. And most importantly, it is a tool tailored to projects of any size, allowing active participation in the implementation of the project to all interested parties and supporting decision-making processes. BIM is already used at the stage of submitting offers, which allows the optimization and better analysis of the project itself and the costs of its implementation.


Considering the quality of the services provided, the company also established a strategic partnership with FinalCad. Thanks to the application based on mobile devices (tablet, mobile phone) project management can be done in an electronic way.


The application provides access to tasks such as quality control or work progress - it allows to take photos and update them on a regular basis in a given project's database. It also allows to optimize the project and save time for all parties involved in its implementation. Adding comments to plans or writing reports during inspection and making them available in real time to all relevant parties (workplace team, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) – these are just examples of using FinalCad in practice.