Our values


“Making all the difference” – it’s more than a slogan, it’s our credo.

It is noticeable in our everyday decisions and references. Its permanent expression is also our unique model of employee shareholding and our values, which have been the basis of our identity since the company was founded.

Eiffage is a committed group. We must plan our development in a prudent way, always remembering what is the most important to us and what constitutes our DNA, that is our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, a compact organization, the ability to cooperate and to undertake challenges together, the spirit of teamwork and commitment, loyalty, human resources and solidarity of our employees, operating in the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We pay special attention to maintaining our main asset, which are the values ​​shared by us. Being a Eiffage employee means that we express our values ​​and ensure that they are respected.



In the Eiffage Group, exemplarity is the basis of respect for others. It is a real expression of the Group's value. It is not allowed to require specific behavior from the others if you do not require it from yourself. Regardless of the circumstances, we act in an ethical way, aware of the principles we strictly follow.


In the Eiffage Group, each employee represents the company and acts on its behalf. Each person assures human and material resources. As the result of such responsibility, we strengthen the autonomy of our employees and we encourage them to make decisions and undertake initiatives at the local level.


In the Eiffage Group, all employees can count on the trust of their superiors that support them if difficulties occur. We always act as a team, not against each other. Trust is being meat as recognition, it strengthen teams and contributes to the sense of professional fulfillment of employees. Trust is also a rule in Eiffage's relations with stakeholders, strengthening long-term partnerships.



At the Eiffage Group, we share information about the challenges ahead. Every person knows what is expected of him and what he can expect from others. Trust requires transparency. The information is provided in an appropriate manner and they are reliable and complete. We do not accept them being hidden or falsified. Each person must take responsibility for their actions. We allow the possibility of making a mistake: only the duplication is considered as an offense.


Being a Eiffage employee means the ability to clearly and carefully perceive the situation and express it, with full awareness of abilities and limitations. It allows to properly assess the risk and involve the appropriate resources. Lucidity, considered as the ability of the factual assessment of the situation, is a guarantee of setting goals that can be achieved and obligations that can be fulfilled.

Courage and pugnacity

Being a Eiffage employee means enthusiastic commitment to ongoing projects, with determination and pugnacity, but without stubbornness, as well as the ability to face and overcome difficulties. It also means that management must show managerial courage.

The six values ​​listed above are inseparably linked. They all are coherent, and each of them is fully justified. Following these values, we embody the vision that guides us: we want to be a Group based on values, courageous and guided by common humanist principles and striving for perfection.