Code of Conduct


For many years, the Eiffage Group has adopted internal and external ethical operating rules, applied by the relevant stakeholders, including, primarily, the Group’s employees.

Such commitments are aimed at promoting integrity and compliance with all aspects of the law, in all territories where the Group operates. They also reflect its determination to base its development on trust and loyalty to its customers and partners.

In an increasingly demanding environment of transparency and precision, this Code of Conduct is intended to define and illustrate the different types of conduct to be proscribed. Such conducts characterise the most serious acts that may be committed within the scope of the Group’s activities to prevent them from occurring as far as possible, in accordance with the law in force.

Those rules apply reciprocally at every level of the chain: employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

In 2009, Eiffage Group implemented a whistleblowing system in order to eradicate unethical conduct.

The scope of the whistleblowing mechanism introduced in the Group mainly covers non-compliance with the Code of Conduct applicable in the Group, which defines and illustrates the different types of prohibited conduct, including in particular conduct which may be classed as corruption, trading in influence or anti-competitive practices etc.

All Eiffage’s actions personify its values and bring them to life.


Code of Conduct
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