Responsible building construction


Eiffage supports the idea of responsible construction ensuring space planning, which can create better urban organisms, that is:

  • harmoniously designed, aesthetic;
  • environmentally friendly: created using new technologies and solutions that allow to reduce significantly the carbon footprint during construction and use;
  • available – offering a good place to live for both owners and tenants;
  • combining various functions – which limits the necessity of daily, long trips to work, shopping, school, seeking entertainment or a greenery;
  • conducive to the integration of local communities – liberating positive energy of inhabitants, encouraging to cooperate – regardless of their age or material status.


In many of the Eiffage projects, you can see:

  • carefully following the needs of residents (projects of pro-social character, buildings and neighborhoods residents friendly, design in harmony with the local landscape, buildings dipped in well-planned greenery) and ecological challenges (wide use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials);
  • creating neighborhoods combining various functions, where you can live well, work, learn or study, spend your free time, etc. – which reduces the need for daily travel, and as a result: reduces CO2 emissions.

Examples references:

Angel Care (Wrocław)

Commissioned to use in March 2016. Angel Care is an interesting example of revitalization. Originally it was a nineteenth-century hospital that was transformed into a Senior Center.

The facility acts as a comprehensive care center for seniors and people with disorders that progress with age. There are 48 apartments, as well as workshops, meeting and exercise rooms.

The building is under the protection of the Historic Preservation Officer, therefore its renovation took place with the original construction and historical character.

Angel Wawel (Kraków)

A successful example of the revitalization of historic buildings and their adaptation to the needs of today's residents.

The former monastery complex - located at the foot of the Wawel Hill, by the boulevards of the Vistula River - has changed into a prestigious apartment building. There are 235 apartments, as well as a wellness area and a lounge area.

The project was made by architects from the Gottesman-Szmelcman office in cooperation with the ABP in Cracow. In 2014 Angel Wawel won the 1st place in the competition "Building Safely" organized by the Regional Labor Inspectorate. The building was commissioned to use in 2015.