Respect for suppliers

Suppliers and subcontractors are a key important part of the Group’s value. They are also precursors in the field of innovation and responsible purchases, acting for the sustainable development strategy.

Strefa dostawców

Eiffage builds relationships based on:

  • quality, general evaluation of products and services and the possibilities of their continuous improvement
  • implementing innovative and developmental activities that improve the quality of the offer for Eiffage customers
  • lasting relationships aimed at establishing a real partnership
  • financial transparency, risk management that may harm the interests of the entities, in particular excessive dependence on Eiffage or vice versa, at technical or technological level

Eiffage guarantees to each supplier:

  • clarity and equal access to the information provided
  • compliance with state and international regulations, in particular those relating to the prohibition of competition
  • information about unselected suppliers, including the reasons for the rejection of the offer, while ensuring that the confidentiality rules are maintained
  • compliance with contracts, promises, obligations, in particular payment dates

Suppliers of Eiffage can take advantage of the Supplier Financing Program based on the principles of reverse factoring. The Eiffage Partners participating in the Program can manage themselves all payment deadlines, irrespective of the deadlines originally agreed in the contract. The Eiffage Supplier Financing Program was developed in cooperation with BZ WBK Faktor, and joining it is voluntary and free.

We encourage all suppliers interested in cooperation with Eiffage to contact the Purchasing Department: