Podwale Office Center opened


The Podwale Office Center near Zawada terminus at Małachowski street in Poznań has been opened. The newly constructed center was developed in an old industrial facility by Eiffage Polska Budownictwo. Machura Bros Corporation, the company which invested in the reconstruction, bought an old packaging factory from Inline Poland.
Podwale Office Center consists of two main parts, a three-storey and a four-storey building. Together they cover 13 500 sq. m of total area, 10 500 sq. m of office space included. The development is located at a 2-hectare area in the immediate neighborhood of Poznań city center and recreational area around Malta lake.
Due to best quality building materials and advanced energetic technology the facility meets all necessary standards. Strict control procedures of hot air circulation and light access as well as energetic and telecommunication safety regulations were adapted while construction. Lessees will have 276 parking places (46 in an underground hall and 230 above the ground) at their disposal. A special bike park with showers was developed for employees who use this means of communication. Each storey offers a 3000-square-meter-area which can be arranged according to users’ needs as open space or office multi-compartment designed spaces. The building’s ceiling load bearing capacity equals 800 kg per sq. m. The eco-friendly construction enables thermal energy recovery.