Next to “I love Praga”, “The Secret Garden” is now the second exceptional mural to adorn Stalowa 27, Eiffage’s latest investment in the neighborhood of Praga


Next to “I love Praga”, “The Secret Garden” is now the second exceptional mural to adorn Stalowa 27, Eiffage’s latest investment in the neighborhood of Praga

Stalowa 27 is a perfectly designed, modern apartment building in the Warsaw neighborhood of Praga. From the very get-go, its creators took it upon themselves to create a place that would fit in with the traditional architecture of the neighborhood and allude to its style, but at the same stun visitors with a modern and functional character. The vision soon turned into a fresh project that quickly won the appreciation of new apartment owners. As of today, the building will be adorned not only by the “I love Praga” mural, already well-known to many Warsaw residents, but also “The Secret Garden”, which was painted in the patio.


Stalowa 27 is yet another new residential investment carried out by Eiffage group companies in Poland in a synergy between Eiffage Immobilier Polska, in its capacity as a developer, and the general contractor, Eiffage Polska Budownictwo. The building was erected at the very heart of Nowa Praga, one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the Polish capital. Stalowa 27 will be a perfect match for the original architecture and historical character of the neighborhood. Its elevation is adorned by a mural entitled “I love Praga”, which is already famous in Warsaw. But the developer dreamed bigger than that and the green patio shared by all the residents now got another painterly masterpiece.


“Being located in Warsaw’s Nowa Praga district, we must rise to the challenge. We have done our best to tap its potential, creating a building with original architecture, paying attention to the very last detail. Our goal was also to preserve the symbols that are so important for this part of Warsaw. This is why we took the rather obvious decision to keep the “I love Praga” mural in place”, explains Tymon Nowosielski, CEO of Eiffage Immobilier Polska. “As much as we can, we always try to make our investments attractive, soulful and full of character so their new residents can feel as good as possible inside them. This is how we came up with the idea of the new mural, which was painted on the fence wall of the inner patio. The leading garden motif perfectly adds to the green space adjacent to the building”, he adds.


The new mural was commissioned to the well-known artists that make up the Red Sheels team.

“Trees, flowers, and bushes exist not only in the real world here – their green power also takes over the adjacent old brick wall. This large format painting whisks the viewer away to an imaginary world. It also optically extends the real-world greenery, which, thanks to this fantastic composition, does not stop at the wall but continues right into it. You can just sit down on the bench in the garden of Stalowa 27, look at the sun-flooded wall and the fantastical climbing plants that exuberantly grow over the bricks…and what happens then will be your private secret”, Lucy Fidos from RedSheels describes the mural.

The unveiling ceremony took place last Thursday in the presence of the building’s residents and the representatives of the developer and the general contractor.

Located in the Warsaw neighborhood of Praga, Stalowa 27 is a modern apartment building couched between buildings 25 and 29. The building has 6 floors and 60 apartments and suites  in total, each with an area from 26 to 90 m2. Residents have access to an underground parking lot; the building also has a special space for storing bikes and baby carriages. The developer took great care to create green spaces around the investment. The empty space inside the apartment building will be taken up by a green patio, and first floor residents will be able to enjoy separate, private gardens. The building is fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.