Eiffage introduces smart apartments of the future to lower bills and protect the environment


Eiffage introduces smart apartments of the future to lower bills and protect the environment

Energy savings, lower bills, resident safety, and ecology are just some of the main advantages of the “Appartme” home automation system. Eiffage Immobilier Polska will now offer this solution in a new investment currently under construction in Przedmieście Oławskie in Wrocław. The move comes in response to the needs of a new group of customers who value modern services, expect top quality, and want to enjoy comfort. Fitted with the Appartme system, the HB1820 apartments will be delivered for use at the end of 2022. Half of them have already found owners.


Imagine you wake up in a bedroom heated up to the temperature of your choice. At a preset time, the blinds roll up automatically to reveal the view from your window. Not sure whether you switched off the light in your kid’s room last night? No worries, the system did it for you at a pre-programmed time. These are but some scenarios that show the many possibilities offered by the new, easy-to-use Appartme app. The advantage of this cutting-edge solution is that it is reliable, ensures substantial savings, and enables further expansion with the use of wireless devices. If you want to leave the apartment for a few or more days, all you have to do is press a button to cut off the water supply, switch off electricity, leave your devices in standby mode, and reduce heating to the necessary minimum for the duration of your absence. You can also remotely secure your apartment against leaks.


“Our experience shows that in choosing a new place to live, clients are no longer guided only by location, functional layout, or the type of materials and finishing. Increasingly, they pay attention to the building’s ecological functions, as well as convenient facilities that promote the comfort of use thanks to new technologies. Polish people are now aware that there are developers who create their investments in a way that is more sustainable, responsible, and respectful of the environment. And these values are written in the DNA of our construction group”, says Sebastian Bieńkowski, Project Director at Eiffage Immobilier Polska.


The French developer decided to treat its clients to the Appartme service, because it is versatile, easily implemented and can be expanded and configured at will.


“A modern system will not only generate tangible savings, but also allow you to comfortably manage your apartment, e.g. control the use of utilities from your smartphone. For now, this is the first investment in which we have introduced a smarthome system. The move is consistent with the overall policy of the Eiffage group, which calls for a constant move toward low-emission solutions. We are planning more actions to further that goal”, adds Sebastian Bieńkowski.

“Our home automation system, Appartme, was developed in response to the needs of a new generation of residents. We designed a solution that practically improves safety, generates savings, and exerts a positive impact on the planet. Appartme users can steer basic home functions via analog buttons distributed throughout the apartment, as well as via an original mobile app. The Appartme system is also a service integration platform that will provide residents with access to any extensions and support solutions that may be added in the future. We are happy that as an innovative developer, Eiffage Immobilier Polska decided to come on board and use our system. We hope that it is just the beginning of long-term cooperation, and the Appartme system will become a standard in all newly built apartments”, says Robert Orlewski, VP at S-Labs.

Not unlike its previous development, Atmo, Eiffage’s new Wrocław investment will be exceptional for several reasons. Ecology, safety and comfort are but some of its highlights. Despite its location in the very center of the city, the building will have small private gardens for residents located at the second floor. Its elegant shape is balanced and simple in form, which makes it fit in with neighboring historical architecture. The illuminated front elevation adorned with decorative plants further reinforces the ecological and aesthetic value. The building consists of 96 apartments with an area from 26 to 100 m2. Large windows let in the optimal amount of daylight and ensure comfort and tranquility; as an extra advantage, air-conditioning can also be installed in the apartment.