Eiffage Polska Budownictwo once again awarded ‘’Build Safely’’ 2nd prize


The construction site of OVO Wrocław was awarded 2nd prize in the latest edition of the Lower Silesian ‘’Build Safely’’ contest organized by National Labour Inspectorate. Organisers also recognized site manager, Jarosław Jabko and investor Wings Properties for outstanding examples of good practice in relation to health and safety.
National Labour Inspectorate in Wrocław undertook a health and safety inspection of all declared 19 investments from Lower Silesia. The contest was only open to institutions that haven’t disclosed any deficiencies and strictly adhere to the health and safety regulations and also provide an extraordinary high standards of work.
‘’Eiffage Group is a global brand known for its challenging and bold investments. This is why health and safety is very high on our priority list,’’ says Zbigniew Zajączkowski, CEO of Eiffage Polska Budownictwo. ‘’I am also proud to say that ‘Build Safely’ prize was awarded for the 4th time. It proves how much effort we put into managing investments in a safe manner,” he adds.
OVO Wrocław is located in the city centre – almost a ten-minute walk from Old Town. It is a futuristic building with luxurious apartments, offices and five-star Hilton hotel. OVO Wrocław was designed by Gottesman–Szmelcman Architecture. The building will have 9 floors (including 2 underground floors) and will be 25 meters high.
Last year, National Labour Inspectorate has awarded three construction sites managed by Eiffage Polska Budownictwo: apartment building Angel Wawel in Kraków (1st prize), The Research Centre of Polish Optical Internet (2nd prize), Primary School indoor entertainment arena in Warsaw, Głębocka Street (3rd prize).