Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex SA will develop the Dom Pod Słowikiem in Cracow


On 22th October 2010 Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex S.A. has been chosen as the general contractor of the residential complex on Krasickiego street in Cracow’s Stare Podgórze district.
The Dom Pod Słowikiem complex is to be a residential area consisting of two 6-storey buildings and 78 apartments of between 38 sqm and 96 sqm. All apartments will comprise a balcony or patio. Those on the ground floor will have a mini-garden. Each building will contain two staircases, elevators customised for disabled people and 1-storey underground parking garage. The residential project includes a playground constructed of special soft synthetic materials.
On the ground floor there will be 7 service places of between 45 and 115 sqm. The whole complex will be enclosed and monitored due to a special control system. The entrance will be guarded from the reception. The end of construction works is planned on December 2011. The investor is Echo Investment S.A. and the contract amounts to PLN 17 million net.