Construction milestone at OVO Wrocław building site


The OVO Wrocław team launched aboveground storey construction works. A special official meeting was held to celebrate this phase of OVO’s development on October 22nd, 2014.
Thousands of tons of concrete and number of bars which together probably equal the length of Vistula River. OVO Wrocław finally rises above the ground thanks to the usage of a massive amount of building materials. This is an up-to-date and widely expected moment in the construction process maintained by Eiffage Polska Budownictwo. Hence to OVO’s round shape there could be no cornerstone and therefore there was no official laying of the foundation stone.
The whole construction process began in the second half of April 2014. Only six months later the multifunctional building which is to contain luxury penthouses, apartments, offices, a fitness center with a swimming pool and a five-star hotel grows out of the ground and day by day rises higher and higher. 150 people and four cranes enable continuous and simultaneous labor over different parts of the building. It is a complicate process which requires efficient and detailed management and coordination.
Until now the Eiffage team used c.a. 9 000 cubic meters of concrete and more than 1 700 tons of steel to construct OVO. This means almost one thousand fully loaded concrete mixers and a total of over one thousand kilometers of steel bars. Together the steel materials form a construction of equal length as the Vistula River.
At the moment at level -2 the ceiling construction is almost finished. Now is the time of masonry work and the development of hotel kitchen and dancehall walls. 90% of ceiling construction at level -1, where the casino and fitness center will be located, has already been done. Soon first masonry work will be launched here starting from technical facilities. 35% of level 0 ceiling is also completed. Every day the building becomes more and more be visible from the street slowly growing above the fence.