An exceptional, green and comfortable space underway next to the new Eiffage investment in Wrocław


An exceptional, green and comfortable space underway next to the new Eiffage investment in Wrocław

Diverse vegetation, a playground for children and a common space for neighbors to come together, a space for bike repair and a plot to cultivate bio-herbs. You will find all that in a patio that Eiffage is designing for the residents of Atmo, an exceptional new residential development underway at the gates of the Mieszczański Park. Responsible design that takes account of local conditions and respects history is the trademark of this developer from the French Eiffage Group. The patio will connect to the Mieszczański Park, which is also underway in cooperation with the same developer. Atmo is designed consist of two buildings with a total of 113 apartments, including comfortably furnished studios, spacious family apartments, and exceptional 140 m2 luxury suites. Only half of the apartments are still available for purchase.


This will be one of the best designed common areas in Wrocław. The residents of Atmo will delight in greenery under their windows practically all year round and enjoy access to various useful facilities. The patio, for instance, will include a bio-zone for the cultivation of their favorite herbs. There will be bird feeders, waterers, and little insect houses. The youngest residents will enjoy access to a playground and the adults will be able to repair their bike, charge their electric car, or relax with a book on one of the comfy benches in the amphitheater-shaped space – all this amid rich vegetation, including evergreen bushes. To boot, the top floors of Atmo will offer a beautiful view of the surrounding green areas; the investment lies directly next to the Mieszczański Park, which is also underway in cooperation with the same developer.


“Eiffage projects are always created in a spirit of respect for the place and with a special attention to the architectural context. We are mindful of the growing expectations of our clients in what concerns the necessary elements of a neighborhood. This is why we decided to introduce even more functional and ecological elements that will promote stronger community ties between neighbors in our Atmo apartments”, says Tymon Nowosielski, CEO of Eiffage Immobilier Polska.

The concept of the patio was modeled on the guidelines of Eco Avengers, a group of activists who teach how to create people- and environment-friendly urban spaces.

“Atmo makes use of prefabricated balconies. This technology is more expensive than the traditional one, which is why it is still rare in developer investments. However, it has the advantage of being more durable, which boosts its ecological function; a similar role is played by the retention roofs we used in our design. There are no fences here and the existing historical fabric has been adapted in an unpretentious way, which provides a pro-social and modern response to the needs of future residents”, says Paweł Wołejsza, expert from the Polish Association of Developer Companies and Eco Avengers activist.

The Atmo project was born in the spirit of minimalism and respect for local history. Working in a spot where a former stable building is now slated for revitalization, its masterminds chose not to make the old compete with the new. Instead, they decided that since the investment must include a unique historical structure, the building needs to be given an appropriate setting. The Atmo development is underway on the island of Kępa Mieszczańska, which has gone through many incarnations over time. In the 16th century, it was inhabited by fishermen and rafters; later on, it served as the municipal port, a shooting range, and, in the 17th century, a deposit of salt and iron. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing areas of Wrocław, gradually recovering its old splendor, with an ever-expanding infrastructure that goes out to meet the expectations of future residents. Atmo is also located in the direct vicinity of Nadodrze, a rediscovered neighborhood remarkable for its exceptional atmosphere and original architecture. It is an artsy part of Wrocław, where you will easily find tailors, clockmakers, milliners, or bookbinders.