Eiffage starts with the construction of the HB 1820 investment in Wrocław


Eiffage starts with the construction of the HB 1820 investment in Wrocław

The construction of the HB 1820 residential project  in the Przedmieście Oławskie district is about to begin.  The works carried out by Eiffage Polska Budownictwo and commissioned by the developer Eiffage Immobilier Polska, will last until the end of 2022.

The name of the residential project, HB 1820, stands for the Wrocław address Haukego-Bosaka 18 and 20. The developer sold almost one-third of the flats at the very beginning of the construction works. This great interest is due both to the excellent location and architectural qualities as well as the varied structure and efficiency of the residential spaces. The contractor and the project developer belong to one construction group, whose business model has been based on close cooperation for years. – We benefit from the synergy of sectors – says Tymon Nowosielski, President of the Board with Eiffage Immobilier Polska. – Our development projects combine the best architecture, modern civil engineering, and the French sense of beauty. Each of them is created with respect to the place where it’s to be built and its history – he adds.

HB 1820

HB 1820 is a single 7-storey building with a representational lobby with a reception and featuring an underground garage. It will house 96 flats offering diverse layouts and floor areas from 26 to 100 sq. m. Each will feature large windows to provide optimal interior lighting and acoustic insulation ensuring sonic comfort inside. One of the development’s big advantages will be optional air conditioning in all flats.

Also, HB 1820 has 115 parking spaces arranged at the underground level and on the ground floor (two-level car park). At least one parking space is assigned to each flat.

Over 30% of flats sold

The high sales volume (approx. 30 percent) reached at the beginning of the project reffers to the diverse range of flats offered. Comfortable studios are popular the most as usual, but also larger flats are enjoying buyers’ interest. – The sales results are mainly owed to a mixture of factors – the fantastic location, city-centre character, diversity of the flats, and unique architecture – explains Sebastian Bieńkowski, Investment Director at Eiffage Immobilier Polska. – If a development has these features, the flats sell immediately, even before the start of construction works – he adds.

There is also a growing interest in 3-bedroom flats with terraces, located on the top floor. – Their great advantage is the panoramic view of the Old Town and other parts of Wrocław – says Sebastian Bieńkowski. No less popular are the flats located on lower storeys, featuring balconies and small gardens, which are a unique solution in the strictly city-centre development zone. – The pandemic time has shown us how important access to our own piece of green space is for our inner balance. No matter whether it is on the terrace, balcony, or in a private garden. HB1820 flats can adjust to the customers’ needs and their potential. – he stresses.

It is rare for private gardens to be incorporated in a centrally-located development. In HB 1820 they were designed in an unusual standard way, i.e. not on the ground floor but on the terrace array on the first floor, which will allow the residents to enjoy more privacy. In this way, a way was found to cater to the of future tenants’ main expectations: the need to live in the centre of Wrocław and the desire for home’s privacy and rest among private greenery.

The tenants, who have so far bought flats in HB 1820, appreciate the design of the building made by the Wrocław-based Panda Studio, in terms of its external look and materials used for finishing the internal common areas.  – We’re committed to sustainable construction. We take care of every detail and make sure that every project we create is functional and useful – emphasises Sebastian Bieńkowski. – The result of the architects’ work is very much appreciated. Customers praise the elegant structure with its balanced form, matching the historic buildings of Przedmieście Oławskie – he adds.

The façades feature a simple form and subdued colours and are decorated with subtle details. The front wall will be illuminated with luminaires and enhanced by a vertical green wall facing the main street.

HB 1820 is one of the two Wrocław-based residential projects to be built by the developer Eiffage Immobilier Polska. The second one is Atmo in Kępa Mieszczańska, whose construction will also start this year.