Eiffage Immobilier Poland’s second development in Wrocław


Eiffage Immobilier Poland’s second development in Wrocław

After the successful début, the property development company reveals details of its second residential project to be carried out in Wrocław. EIP will develop an elegant building in the Przedmieście Oławskie district, thus filling an architectural gap and increasing the entire area’s appeal. Among the development’s key advantages are the unusually located gardens with greenery and terraces overlooking Wrocław’s skyline.

In mid-August, Eiffage Immobilier Polska started the pre-sale of Atmo apartments – its first residential project in Wrocław, located in Kępa Mieszczańska. The considerable interest in this project led the developer to embark on another one, named HB 1820, a few weeks after the début. The name is an abbreviation of the address – Haukego-Bosaka 18 and 20, where EIP will erect its second residential development in Wrocław – an intimate, multi-family apartment building.

Once again, Eiffage Immobilier Polska presents a development project designed for tenants for whom simplicity, aesthetic qualities, and elegance are important. We’ve found a way to respond to different expectations: the need to live in the centre of Wrocław and the desire for privacy – says Sebastian Bieńkowski, Project Director with Eiffage Immobilier Polska. – The biggest advantages of HB 1820 are its private gardens in the very centre, a view of the city panorama, a large number of parking spaces, air conditioning, an elegant reception desk, and a wall with abundant greenery along the main street and the pavement in the entrance zone – he explains.

The 7-storey building will house 96 apartments with various layouts, offering from 1 to 4 rooms and floor areas ranging from 26 to 100 sqm. – Each flat was carefully thought out and designed in functional terms to meet the needs of a modern city resident. All of them come with large windows, providing optimal lighting and comfortable damping of outside noise. One of the great advantages will be the optional air conditioning offered for all the apartments – describes Sebastian Bieńkowski.



HB 1820 – the biggest advantages

Depending on the location, HB 1820 will offer apartments with balconies, loggias, terraces, or private gardens. The gardens are not located on the ground floor, which is standard practice, but instead, they form part of the first floor’s terrace layout, so that the tenants enjoy more privacy. They will constitute a zone separated from the street. – Private gardens in the very centre of the city centre, fitting in with the traditional network of city streets, are a completely unusual feature, unique throughout of the country – points out Sebastian Bieńkowski. The area of some of the gardens is as much as 120 square metres.

Private gardens available in the city centre are not the only advantage of HB 1820. Another one is the terraces located on the top floor, from which a panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed.

The development’s third-biggest advantage is a stately lobby with a reception desk – an elegantly designed space, which will become the building’s showcase for its future tenants. The property developer assures that the common areas will be finished with high-quality materials.

Also, the building will house 115 parking spaces, occupying the underground level and the ground floor (two-level car park). At least one parking space is assigned to each flat, which is another strength of the development.

In Przedmieście Oławskie

The tenants of HB1820 will be a walking distance from the Old Town, Dominikański Square, and Grunwaldzki Square, enjoying the proximity of shops, restaurants, cafés, and other necessary services, as well as cultural institutions.

There are several educational institutions in the immediate vicinity, as well as sports and recreational facilities: football and basketball pitches, the Odra and Oława rivers with their wide promenades and riverside boulevards, as well as the Niskie Łąki Park with its sports stadium. Aside from this, there is everything one expects of a place directly adjacent to the very centre.


Green and illuminated walls

HB 1820 is also intended to impress onlookers with its architecture. The architects from Wrocław’s Panda Studio designed an elegant structure with a well-balanced form. – We designed this development with respect for the area’s historical buildings. The façade is simple and elegant, featuring subdued colours and decorated with subtle details – explains architect Izabela Przybylska-Sobańska.

The building’s front is made more attractive by a wall with lush greenery. The façade will be illuminated. In addition to the architectural qualities, there are also urban features. Another gap in the city’s development will be filled with a building aspiring to the premium status, which is certain to increase the whole area’s appeal.

The pre-sale of HB 1820’s apartments begins in early October, while the construction works are to start at the turn of 2020 and 2021. The building is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

HB 1820 is the second Wrocław-based residential project announced by the property developer Eiffage Immobilier Polska. The company’s first development located in the capital of Lower Silesia is Atmo in Kępa Mieszczańska, enjoying great interest already at an early stage of apartment sales.