Eiffage Construction engages to vegetate Paris


With the signing of the “Objectif 100 hectares” charter, Eiffage Construction is committed to working with the Ville de Paris and its partners to achieve the objective of 100 hectares of roofs and walls vegetalized in Paris in 2020, one third of which devoted to urban agriculture.
These projects will create 120 jobs and produce 425 tons of fruit and vegetables, 24 tons of mushrooms, over 8,000 liters of beer (to be consumed in moderation), 3 tons of fish and more than 30,000 flowers.
The ambition of the approach is to develop urban agriculture, sensitize all Parisian actors and multiply initiatives.
The prize-winning projects of Paris-culteurs will be launched on a surface of 5.5 hectares, for some as early as 2017, and will be developed by startups, associations, companies and farmers installed on Paris roofs, slabs and car parks.
The Eiffage Group is involved in a number of projects that aim to continually improve the relations between infrastructure, the landscape and the need to protect biodiversity. Among others, is an active participant in the Ittecop – an incentive research program created in 2008 in the frame of the first national strategy for biodiversity. Its goal is to gather various actors around ecological and patrimonial issues.
For more information, visit: http://www.parisculteurs.paris/fr/charte-100-hectares/
Companies that suport the project: http://www.parisculteurs.paris/fr/partenaires/