Topping out ceremony at Angel Wawel construction site


A foundation act was signed by the representatives of Angel Wawel and Eiffage Polska Budownictwo on November 7th, 2013 at the construction site.
Mr. Ron Ben Shahar, who represented the investor during the official beginning of construction work said: I am convinced that Angel Wawel is the most unique investment in this part of Europe. At the same time I am proud that Angel Wawel will influence the architecture of Cracow through this project.
Mr. Adam Dziedzic signed the foundation act as the representative of the contractor.
This traditional construction work document was placed in a golden engraved tube together with local daily newspapers and build in the foundation of the development.
The general contractor will have to meet a real challenge. “The building by Koletek street is an important historic monument and therefore Eiffage Polska Budownictwo has to work under constant supervision of the city monument conservator. Historic buildings are always a challenge” – says Adam Dziedzic, the commerce director – “one must respect the achievements of past generations and epochs which are represented by these developments. Such construction work usually confronts us with many difficult technical issues specific for historic monuments reconstruction. It is easier to build something new than restore past splendor. Renovations require lots of patience and a lot of skill. We are aware of the fact that we are cooperating with an investor who wants to retain the heritage of old architecture for further generations.” – adds Mr. Dziedzic.
The development’s design prepared by the design studio Gottesman-Szmelcman from Paris combines 16th century monastic facilities with modern architecture. The concept of the garden decorated with sculpture presented by a Cracow artist Bronisław Chromy was developed by a famous British garden designer Matt James. The apartment décor was designed by a Pole Maciej Zień.
The ending of construction work is planned for mid 2015. The newly opened development will consist of the old and fully revitalized convent building and a new 6-storey part designed according to historic Cracow style. Angel Wawel plans include 220 apartments with additional services and facilities: a swimming pool, two sauna rooms, a garden, underground parking, concierge services, cinema hall, wine bar and library.