Paris to have the largest remotely-managed system for monitoring energy consumption in Europe


Eiffage Énergie – a subsidiary of Eiffage Group – is developing Europe’s first digital energy monitoring system for public buildings. The system has been commissioned by the Paris City Council.
In its Climate and Energy Action Plan, the City of Paris has made a commitment to reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in public buildings by 30% until 2020 (as compared to 2004). To this end, the City Council has commissioned Eiffage Énergie Systèmes to build a system for monitoring energy consumption in all municipal real estate property. The works, underway since 2016, have already reached an advanced stage. Planned to take 4 years, they and will cost €14.7 million. The investment is to bring relatively quickly measurable economic and environmental benefits to the city.
Under the contract, Eiffage has upgraded technical facilities in heating plants and installed a centrally-managed energy monitoring system in all municipal buildings. Smart sensors are used for collecting the required data, which are then sent to the central system by means of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, while custom-built software helps to process and analyse them on an ongoing basis.
The system developed by Eiffage will foster systemic energy management in all public buildings via mobile applications in the near future.
The City of Paris has been consistently implementing pro-environmental solutions. For instance, it successfully fights against smog through, amongst others, gradually imposing bans on old, high-emission vehicles – from 2020, all diesel-engine cars will be forbidden from entering the city. The City Council also supports initiatives aimed at introducing more greenery into the city landscape. One of them is “Objective 100 hectares” («Objectif 100 hectares»), whose goal is to create 100 hectares of vegetation on roofs and walls, concrete slabs, car parks and tunnels around Paris until 2020. “Les Parisculteurs” is the name of the calls for projects held regularly to select the best designs. Eiffage Construction – another company from Eiffage Group – has been involved in this initiative.
Eiffage Énergie designs, builds and operates energy, heating and IT networks and systems, while respecting people and protecting the environment. It offers innovative solutions for local authorities and the services and industry sectors, both in France and abroad. The company has nearly 25,000 employees worldwide; apart from France, it is also active in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America, and is developing its international activities, notably in Africa.
Eiffage Énergie belongs to Eiffage Group, one of Europe’s biggest construction groups and concession operators. Eiffage Group has over 65,000 employees and generates an annual turnover of aprox. € 15bn. Worldwide Eiffage Group is famed for daring, ambitious and challenging projects. The representative of Eiffage Group in Poland is Eiffage Immobilier Polska and Eiffage Polska Budownictwo.