Eiffage Polska Budownictwo supports campaigns “Bezpiecznie – Chce się żyć!” (Safely – You Want to Live!) and “Numery Twoich Przyjaciół” (Numbers of Your Friends)


On October 29, 2015, the next edition of the campaign “Bezpiecznie – Chce się żyć!” was held at “Torwar” in Warsaw, and 5 days earlier, in Kielce, the seminar on fire protection titled „Numery Twoich Przyjaciół” with the participation of officers from the State Fire Department took place. Eiffage Polska Budownictwo that has been engaged in supporting initiatives connected with road and fire safety for many years was one of the sponsors of both events.
The Warsaw traffic policemen have organised a contest with prizes. The people willing to participate in the event were able using alco-goggles to become convinced “how a drunk driver sees”. On the stage there was a discussion on pedestrian safety in which Piotr Jakubczak, Assistant Inspector, Deputy Head of the Traffic Department of the Capital Police Headquarters, participated. At Torwar the spectators could win among other things reflective bands, books “Dzień, który zmienił ich życie” (A Day That Changed Their Lives), records “Rowerem po Warszawie” (By Bike Through Warsaw).
At the end, in Warsaw the spectators could see the show by Krzysztof Cugowski and the Bracia band, however, the recital of the “Pod Wyrwigroszem” cabaret took place in Kielce.