Eiffage Polska Budownictwo is the General Contractor of the first stage of Zajezdnia Residential Estate in Poznań.


On December 1, 2015, Eiffage Polska Budownictwo concluded a contract to execute the second stage of Zajezdnia Residential Estate in Poznań.
Soon, at the heart of Jeżyce, within the area of the former tram depot, Zajezdnia Poznań will be completed – it is the mixed-use investment which connects residential, service and office functions. The modern houses with the commercial spaces on the ground floor and charming apartments on the top floor will be built between Gajowa, Sienkiewicza, Kraszewskiego and Zwierzyniecka Streets.
Two-, three- and four-room 206 apartments with areas ranging from 36 to 130 m2 and 22 service units will be built on the side of Kraszewskiego Street in the first stage. Two five-storey residential houses will also include underground garage halls and storerooms. There will be apartments with separate kitchen as well as kitchenette.
The entire building will be connected by the underground garage hall. The area around the buildings will be greened and arranged with the highest care for green spaces, small architecture and surfaces. The area around the buildings and inside the new houses, managed in such a way, will form “green” yards.
The complex will be finished with the highest quality materials, cladding, aluminium and glass. The bodies of the buildings will be distinguished by such details as glass balcony railings, glass screens and sheds. The shop windows will be made of aluminium joinery. The staircases will be lit by glass profiles. All staircases will be equipped with modern and spacious lifts. The storerooms are planned in the basement, and a leisure zone with a playground for children – in the field.
The existing historic buildings of the hall and auxiliary buildings (administrative building and “Little White House”) will be renovated, according to the guidelines of Municipal Historic Preservation Officer, and managed for the needs of the new function.
The works at the construction site will be completed by mid-2017. REF EASTERN OPPORTUNITIES SP. Z O.O. is the investor.