Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex SA to build a European Fairy-Tale Center named „Koziołek Matołek” in Pacanów


On 28th February 2008, Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex SA signed a contract to build the European Fairy-Tale Center in Pacanów. The contract specifies terms for construction of a cultural home for children, which is to host a fairy-tale center including a cinema, library, theater stage, and an exhibition area.
The whole complex is to consist of four geometric solids resembling “sand pies” (the symbol of the first thing built by a child) emerging from an open floor concept. The architecture and landscaping will make the whole area look like a fairyland. There will be an artificial creek feeding a mill wheel and a small reservoir. The design also features a smithy, tchatched gazebos, an amphitheater by the waterside, numerous terraces, and wooden jetties. The 2,465 m complex (13,208 m volume) is to sit on a 8,600 m lot.
The almost PLN 20M project is funded by the Norwegian Financial Fund, as well as by federal and provincial governments. The project is expected to be completed over the next 16 months.