Completion of works on Building A1 in the “Nowa 5 Dzielnica” housing estate in Cracow


Completion of works on Building A1 in the “Nowa 5 Dzielnica” housing estate in Cracow

Consortium of Eiffage Polska Budownictwo and Eiffage Polska Serwis has completed works on Building A1 in the “Nowa 5 Dzielnica” housing estate in Cracow. The final occupancy permit was obtained well ahead of the schedule.

The consortium of Eiffage Polska Budownictwo and Eiffage Polska Serwis is currently conducting construction works on the “Nowa 5 Dzielnica” housing estate in Cracow, which were commissioned by Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii S.A. The construction of Building A1 proceeded very quickly and smoothly. According to plans, the building was to be delivered not earlier than mid-August.

Building A1 has been developed using traditional technologies. It is composed of two units A1a and A1b with the number of storeys ranging between 7 and 8. The units are connected with a two-level underground car park. Following the decision of the investor, trees growing in close proximity to the project – including birches, pines, a hornbeam and a maple – were preserved; three of them – two birch trees and the hornbeam – were composed into the structure of the building. With their crowns, they spectacularly pierce the roof of a one-floor connector linking the two units into one structure. The laying of the foundations supporting the columns of the connector required great care, as they are located only centimetres away from the root system of living trees.

The underground structures of Building A1 consist of reinforced concrete column and slab systems while the above-ground structure is formed by systems of reinforced concrete slabs and load-bearing masonry walls made from silicate blocks, with single reinforced concrete columns and walls. Ceilings and flat roofs are made of reinforced concrete. The façade is characterised by varied planes, whose rhythm is determined by cut balconies in the corners, as well as horizontal and vertical divisions, giving it a dynamic and modern character. On the terraces and balconies, safety glass balustrades are provided. Additionally, Building A1 – like most of the buildings in “Nowa 5 Dzielnica” – is covered with a flat, green roof with a top vegetation layer. The extensive greenery used requires minimal care.


“Nowa 5 Dzielnica”, Building A1 – in numbers:

  • Address: Kraków, Wrocławska 53 (Krowodrza)
  • Number of storeys: 10 (8 above ground and 2 underground)
  • GFA: 18,126 m2
  • UFA (apartments): 6,256 m2
  • UFA (commercial premises): 1,680 m2
  • Number of apartment units: 153
  • Number of commercial premises: 3
  • Architect: Jakub Rzemieniec, ION Architekci
  • Construction manager: Karol Durynek
  • Construction control inspector: Dariusz Łągiewka
  • General contractor: Consortium of Eiffage Group companies: Eiffage Polska Budownictwo and Eiffage Polska Serwis
  • Net project value: PLN 30,198,210
  • Investor: Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii Spółka Akcyjna sp.k.