City hall in Bielany Distric


Mitex SA signed a contract to build the project called “Construction of Residence for Authorities of Bielany District”, which is to be located on the corner of Żeromskiego St. and Jarzębskiego St. in Warsaw. The project involves construction of four-and six-story structure. Rooms for the District Council will be located on the top floor. Apart from the Department of Citizen Services the main floor will feature Department of Vital Records, multi-purpose assembly hall, and a restaurant. The City hall will have three independent entrances: one for office customers, one for employees, and one for customers of the restaurant and the Department of Vital Records. This will allow each section to function independently. The building will fully accommodate the disabled. The one-story underground section of the building will be used for parking and maintenance rooms. The range of works involved in the projects includes construction of the internal and external electrical installations, sewage system, telephone lines, central heating system, ventilation system, climate control, and external infrastructure including roads, pavements, and lighting of the area. The PLN 60-million contract signed on July 12th, 2007 is expected to be completed over the next 23 months. The Municipality of Warsaw is the Investor of the project.