Eiffage Polska Budownictwo: BREMA office building is ready


The construction works have been completed in line with the schedule, in a record-breaking period of 12 months.  
BREMA is one of the most modern and eco-friendly office buildings in Katowice. The building has 7 storeys (including 6 above ground) of 12 thousand sq. m. in GFA. It has high quality finishes. What distinguishes BREMA from other Katowice’s office projects is the comprehensive use of cutting-edge, environment-friendly solutions. A case in point is an innovative and very effective HVAC system. In the ventilation points there are highly effective heat exchangers powered by heat pumps, whose mechanics use direct vaporization of the fluctuating amount of cooling agent. Thus, the three-pipe air conditioning system allows for controlling temperature in the particular parts of the building or even in each and every room separately. Depending on the needs, the ventilation can simultaneously produce both heat and cool, which makes it more comfortable for the users to use the building.
When we started building BREMA, we were aware that the deadline for the project was very tight and demanding, especially that it was a design-build contract. The project ended successfully, thanks to the engagement of all the parties involved in the construction process, including the investor, the substitute investor, the designer and – before all else – thanks to the professional organization of the construction works, says Marek Kowalik, the Director of the Southern Region, Member of the Management Board of Eiffage Polska Budownictwo.
Additional assets of BREMA are: a green leisure zone around the office building and the terrace located at the roof, which offers a view on Katowice’s panorama. The building was built according to the design of the well-known Katowice-based architecture studio of Wojciech Wojciechowski.
BREMA in numbers:

  • Address: Al. Roździeńskiego, Katowice
  • Number of storeys: 7 (6 above ground, 1 underground)
  • GFA: 11 659,14 m2
  • Value of the contract: PLN 27 800 net
  • Value of the project: approx. PLN 45 million
  • General contractor: Eiffage Polska Budownictwo
  • Investor: BREMA Sp. z o. o.