• Eiffage Group

Values and Mission


Eiffage implements sustainable development as one of its strategic management goals in general contracting, development activity as well as urban planning, conservation and maintenance of existing buildings. It has been launched to shape and improve the future of Eiffage employees, clients and partners.

Rules of conduct in EIFFAGE group were implemented over 40 years ago by Louis LESNE and Jean DEMAS – authors of FOUGEROLLE company, which was transformed into EIFFAGE in 1993.

Eiffage values:

  • Responsibility
  • Mutual trust
  • Transparency
  • Leading by example
  • Solidarity

Credo of Eiffage Group all over the world is the following: “Everybody is to trust people, share rights in such a way that the post you have would not be reason of abuse; you cannot require from the others the behavior you would not expect from yourself; decisions should be taken openly and only if your superior and colleagues know about them.”

Eiffage bases its operation and all phases of construction process on respect for natural environment and minimization of negative influence of industrial activity on the environment. There have been implemented many activities which let optimize the use of energy and natural resources as well as enable safety at building sites and lead to effective and environment-friendly waste disposal.

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