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Eiffage Group in Poland

From the left: Cultural Center - Wejherowo, T-Mobile Office - Warsaw, LCS Ciechanów - Ciechanów

From the left: Cultural Center – Wejherowo, T-Mobile Office – Warsaw, LCS Ciechanów – Ciechanów

Eiffage Group in Poland history

Years 1988 - 1999

1988Foundation of Mitex SA

1993Creation of  PEBEK-UNIBUD from former railway construction company Zakłady Budownictwa Kolejowego in Radom

1996Foundation of CALORING-SERWIS Sp. z o.o.(100% of shares belong to Mitex SA)

The history of the company began in 1988. It was the time of transformation in Poland when many new companies were founded and developed. The 90s were a time of dynamic growth and the creation of all-Polish group Mitex. At that time the company had 10 branches including one in Germany.

Years 2000 - 2009

2000Beginning of Mitex SA on the stock market.

2001Eiffage Construction becomes a strategic investor

2004Mitex leaves the stock market

2007Rebranding to Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex SA and Eiffage Instalacje Techelimp Sp. z o.o.

2007Eiffage Europe takes over Tchas Polska Sp. z o.o

In 2000 Mitex became a part of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. A year later one of the largest building companies in Europe, French company Eiffage Construction became Mitex strategic investor. In 2004 Mitex leaves the WSE. Mitex visual identity was changed, the company received Eiffage logotype with the so called red cube.

The rebranding to Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex and Eiffage Instalacje Techelimp in 2007 was a statement of high quality and a confirmation of full introduction of Eiffage corporate standards in Poland. Hence Eiffage Budownictwo Mitex acquires all corporate rights and obligations as one of Eiffage foreign divisions. It became the leader of Eiffage Group in Poland. Polish members of Eiffage intensified their cooperation and unified all company regulations.

Years 2010 - 2014

2010Tchas Polska Sp. z o.o. becomes a member of the Eiffage Group in Poland

2011Rebranding to Eiffage Polska Koleje Sp. z o.o.

2013Rebranding to Eiffage Polska Budownictwo SA and Eiffage Polska Instalacje Sp. z o.o.

In 2010 the Eiffage family in Poland was enlarged due to the takeover of Tchas Polska, a leading Polish railway construction company. Further unification took place in 2011 when Tchas Polska was rebranded to Eiffage Polska Koleje.

On May 10th, 2013 due to rebranding Eiffage Polska Budownictwo and Eiffage Polska Instalacje emerge. The name change reflects the unification of Eiffage Group in Poland. This transformation facilitates cooperation with our clients and partners and enables further successful expansion in civil engineering, railway infrastructure and development sector

During the time of the companies’ existence Eiffage Polska Budownictwo developed over 500 investments, Eiffage Polska Instalacje completed c.a. 170 projects and Eiffage Polska Koleje finished c.a. 150 railway investments.

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